“Zahida has been brilliant as a therapist. I’ve had to deal with a lot over the years and she's helped me put things into perspective and give me alternate ways of thinking about my situation and myself. She has a very kind and gentle approach Thank you so much for everything!”


“I would just like to thank you for your continued support during my EMDR treatment, and for giving me the hope and confidence to get my life back on track and to live a normal life free from the mental turmoil's I have lived with for so many Years. I cannot stress enough to others that are suffering in the same way that I was to reach out and get the support that you offer. I won't sugar coat it at first I was petrified about what laid ahead and the thought of reliving my experiences to a complete stranger was nothing more than another trauma. But seeing and experiencing what impact it has had on my own wellbeing and mental health, has after 30plus years given me hope and a new chance to live my life in control of my demons. I would like to say a sincere thank you to yourself and it is impossible to put into the right words what this means to me and I hope others can benefit in the same way as I have done.”


“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the support you provided over our many emdr sessions. I realised we never had the last one but I think you may probably agree that we covered the main source of my issue. I have been back at work a few weeks and feel things are going to be OK. I am no longer concerned about being a witness in the trial, I now plan to attend with a view of helping the victim’s family. EMDR was a very interesting and rewarding experience and while I dont pretend to fully understand it I am very pleased with the results and will recommend it to my colleagues when they need support. I wish you all the best, hope your tooth is fixed and really can’t thank you enough.”


“I started sessions with Zahida after having a breakdown. For years I had suffered with anger issues and what I now recognise as depression. It was very difficult for me to identify that in myself, I was always perceived as the funny, outgoing, strong one who took on problems for others.

I was put in touch with Zahida after a consultation to establish what would be the best treatment for me. It was identified that EMDR could assist. I was nervous about my first session, I don’t think anybody looks forward to talking about things from their past which have haunted them throughout life. Within minutes of meeting Zahida my concerns were gone, she made me feel at ease, explained the process and the timetable going forward. My PTSD score when I started was 69 out of 88, by the time we finished it was under 20. The main thing for me was that I looked forward to the sessions because I was getting better, even though I knew I would be talking about difficult subjects the results were there for all to see. Zahida provided me with techniques for after our sessions which I use when I need them. I can hand on heart say she has helped to change my life, my family have a better Dad and Husband, my staff have a better supervisor and I have the best version of myself.

I’m no longer haunted by my past, this was never more apparent then recently when something happened which would have usually triggered a downward spiral for me, it had zero effect on me.

I can’t thank Zahida enough and I would return to her in a heartbeat should I need to.”


No matter how low you might feel, peace can be found through looking inward and leaning into these difficulties in the company of friendly, confidential professional. I am here to provide a bespoke form of psychotherapy and trauma therapy in Rochdale, with sessions available in English, Urdu, and Punjabi. Get in touch to book your first session.

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